MX player application supports all types of video and audio files. MX Player is packed with all popular video formats like avi, DivX, f4v, flv, mp4, WMV and many more. Users of MX player can select extensions as well as decoders them manually. There are millions of users using MX player application globally. In a span of seconds, the application scans the files available in SD card. In this scanning, the application only memorizes the movie files which are available in the main folder as well as a subfolder of the card. It also allows users to scan files manually as well as automatically. Users can create their playlist and also can select any themes which are available in the application. There are various versions of MX player and even the developers of MX Player making the application more effective and useful by making changes.

MX Player for PC

Features of MX Player

  • MX Player supports usual controls as well as supports the touch gestures like zoom, drag vertically, increasing and decreasing of volume, play and toggles etc.
  • It also has keyboard shortcuts for speedy use of the application.
  • The user can make changes in settings of display for viewing the movie more effectively
  • A user can choose the zoom option like the fit on the screen, stretch, crop and many more options according to a user’s convince
  • MX Player supports subtitles and also these subtitles can be managed by the user according to screen on which user is watching the movie.
  • There are various themes which are inbuilt and according which can be selected by the user.
  • MX Player remembers the position and resumes the video files from the last place where the user has left seeing the file.
  • The application supports multi-core decoding which fully supports multiple processors and results in smoother playback option.
  • The decoding modes can be toggled between software and hardware by the user forgetting the full processor optimization to process a video. This software of decoding modes depends on the operating system on which the user is using the application.

How To Download MX Player?

  1. First, download and installBluestacks App Player in your system. You can download by searching “Bluestacks” on Google
  2. Click on search option and search “MX Player”
  3. Make sure that your system is connected with high-end internet speed.
  4. Within a span of a few minutes, the application will be installed successfully.
  5. You can use the version of MX Player on your PC and enjoy the hassle-free services of this software.

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MX Player is the application which can be used for playing videos available in various formats. The application is designed and developed in such a way that it becomes easy for a user to use it. There are various inbuilt themes which can be used by the user and even users are allowed to keep the settings according to the usage. MX Player is available for Android users also. The application is worth to download and use it.


MX Player for PC Download [Windows 7/8/10]
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