Hotspot shield is a virtual private network creator which allows users to surf the internet without worrying about their privacy. The settings of Hotspot shield allow the users to access every website there is without disclosing any personal information. The software can also be used for bypassing any blockade which exists on any particular website and by using this feature the users can easily use any website on the internet.

Hotspot Shield For PC


Hotspot shield was developed by AnchorFree and was released on Microsoft Windows and Mac in April 2008. The software was made available for download on iOS in 2011 and on Android in 2012 and has recorded hundreds of thousands of downloads on all platforms.


Hotspot Shield can be used for bypassing a security firewall which exists on any website across the internet. This is done by the software creating a VPN or a virtual private network between the device which is being used by the user and the web address which is being accessed. This arrangement allows the users to preserve their details and privacy and enables them to surf the internet safe and secure.

Hotspot Shield also allows users to protect their information from being used by third parties and makes it impossible for them to be tracked. The data which is sent and received by a device is encrypted when the software is being used and this makes it impossible for the third parties to decrypt it and track it back to the source. Users can use the websites which have been blocked domestically as well as internationally by using Hotspot shield which is a very reliable source of doing so.

Another reason for which the software has been downloaded thousands of times is for finding a counter to the Flashback virus. In the United States in 2011, thousands of Mac users downloaded a copy of Hotspot Shield so that they could use cloud security against the virus and stay safe while browsing the internet.


Just like any other software, Hotspot shield has its own drawbacks and negative aspects as well in addition to the positive ones. According to popular critics, the software slows a computer down and puts a considerable amount of load on the processor. This makes it more challenging for the machine to work efficiently and carry out all the other processes fluently which can be a big problem at times.

But despite the drawbacks, the program has still succeeded in winning numerous awards and is held in high regard by users and critics alike. The software has won Appy award as well Softonic’s award for the best application of 2013.

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How To Download it?

The user can easily start the downloading procedure by clicking the link and starting the procedure which opens into a dialogue window. After the whole process is complete, the users can open the software, turn it on and start visiting any website on the internet.


Hotspot Shield For PC: (Windows 8/7/10)
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