Hill Climb Racing is a driving game which has been released by Fingersoft and can be downloaded on Android Smartphones. The game contains a variety of vehicles and many tracks as well which can be driven on. To download Hill Climb Racing Google PlayStore has to be visited by the user and an Android Smartphone with the most basic features can also run the game. The game is very popular and has more than 3 million downloads.

Hill Climb For PC


In the game, the most important objective for the player is to go as far as possible on the track and earn as many coins as possible. The track becomes trickier and contains more ups and downs as the game progress which make it difficult for the player to go past a certain stage.

Coins can be earned by doing flips and jumps. If a player does more flips, he is awarded more coins. Similarly, the longer a player jumps the more coins he gets. The coins which are earned by the player can be used for getting various unlockables.

The Unlockables:

The player can use the coins earned by him to unlock different vehicles and new stages as well. The new vehicles include a race car, rally car, bike, quad bike, and even a tank! The tracks which can be bought include highway, moon, desert, and forest. Each track has its own specific set of properties for example, on the moon, there is very low gravity so the player can jump higher and stay in the air for a very long time.


The controls of the game are very easy. Tapping on the right side of the screen prompts the vehicle to move forward while touching on the left side allows it to break or move in reverse. While in the air, touching the right side makes the vehicle to perform a forward flip while holding the left end of the screen makes the car do a black flip.

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Game over Conditions:

Hill Climb Racing features a couple of conditions by undergoing which, the game gets finished. Each vehicle in the game contains a fuel meter which gets drained down with the passage of time. Some vehicles drain the fuel more quickly as compared to the others. Along the track, there are certain fuel refill points on passing which the fuel reaches back to maximum. In the case of emptying the fuel, the game gets finished. The second condition which results in ‘Game over’ is the vehicle turning turtle.

How to Download:

The game can be downloaded by going to Google Play-Store and searching for it. On clicking the download link, the game gets installed automatically and can be played instantly. Hill Climb Racing also downloads regular updates which improve the performance of the game and adds to its features. The game can be downloaded for free and is one of the most downloaded editions of Google Play-Store.


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