Whatsapp, Viber, Tango, ChatOn, etc.  The list goes on and on. Messengers are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. It manages all your chat threads and, depending on different messengers, they also throw in some extras. Today you get to learn how to download Hike Messenger and run it on your PC. Hike Messenger, the brainchild of the CEO of one of India’s cellular companies, was designed for both online as well as offline use. We’re all familiar with online use; you connect via Wi-Fi or a data package and start chatting. However, in offline mode, you can only use SMS. This app does just that.

Hike Messenger For PC

It sends texts via SMS while providing the accessibility and features of a proper messenger rather than having you use your phone’s messaging options. This way your chat threads remain intact and you can make use of the additional features as well without feeling the lack of internet connectivity.


You’re probably wondering how the company manages SMS through the app. Well, it’s done through in-app credit. You can load up on credit which can be used to sending messages offline. Furthermore, you’re also entitled to receive a free monthly text bundle. This bundle contains 100 messages which can be used for friends not using the app.

There are referrals rewards in which you get credit for every successful invite and so on. Apart from that, the app resembles features seen in Facebook’s messenger and even some features from WhatsApp. It gives notifications when your texts have been read when they’ve reached the recipient’s phone and when they’re typing something. Basically, the app aims to establish itself as an all-in-one multipurpose messenger with its tons of features and accessibility.

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How To Download

Basically, Hike messenger is an Android app. Running it on your PC is not an impossibility but will incur several implications. First of all, you cannot run the app directly. You’ll need to use a proxy service or third party application which will ‘support’ the app and provide optimum running conditions. Android emulation software can be really helpful here. It operates exactly as other emulators for Xbox, game boys, play stations and so on. You can Google different emulators but a good suggestion would be ‘Blue Stacks’.

Blue stacks is a popular Android emulation software for PCs and support numerous apps. (Note that this link is for Windows-based PCs only. Mac users should Google “blue stacks, MAC version”) The installer file takes a mere 12mb of space and downloads in less than a minute. Install it and run.  You’ll find a search bar in the program. Type in hike messenger and select it from the list. Choose the install option and wait for it to complete. Upon successful installation, go to the ‘My apps’ section. You’ll see all your installed apps here. Run hike messenger. It’ll prompt you for login details. Provide them and you are good to go!


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