Those who are fond of video games and play it often in their free time can spend hours and hours simply on running after a large carrot on a stick. They have the stamina and the threshold level that can sustain tiring game situations and stages. They are always willing to go through various hard challenges, falling down into canyons, failing in games and levels again and again and still wanting to play more. They can grind their teeth, hit the tables, try out new strategies and simply come back for more and more action but still remain stuck on the game of their likings and fondness. But at the end when the game’s ultimate goal is achieved or a high score is reached, it gives the player the greatest level of satisfaction and intrinsic value. It may not be a physical reward but its value is more than something money can buy. Thus keeping in view the popularity and addiction of video games, let us discuss of the very popular and latest edition of one such game called Dungeon Keeper for PC.

Dungeon keeper for pc,


Produced and developed by the Bullfrog Productions in the year 1997, the dungeons keeper is a strategic video game for the personal computer. The gameplay is simple but different. It requires the player to build and maintain a dungeon with a lair and protect it from the attackers. The main character or player collects and stores his treasures and wealth in the dungeon and needs it to be protected against the monsters that attack it. Like many other PC games, the dungeons keeper is controlled through the use of mouse which helps to move around the dungeon. There are a number of other features and options available on the left side of the screen that help the player decide and build new rooms in the dungeon and cast various spells on it. The curser or hand of the game can be used for picking up creatures and things in the dungeon and move them around the game and drop them where ever you like. The hand can be used for slapping whereby many creatures will increase their speeds while it may also be used to trigger traps and other torturing activities.

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The game has an isometric theme that can easily be zoomed in or out and the floor can be rotated to change angles of view. The player also has the option to choose one character or creature and view the dungeon from that creature’s perspective. The game has various levels and stages that need to be completed in order to gain victory. The player will be required to fight different battles in different regions in order to move ahead in the dungeon keeper adventure. Thus for those looking for a strategic yet thrilling experience in the gaming world, dungeon keeper is a great option to download on your personal computer.


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